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  • AC-814

    24VDC 2,5A Power Supply

  • AC-812

    24VDC 0,8A Power Supply

  • AC-190

    IRDA adapter for adjustements

  • AC-191

    Adjustement interface Palm (refurbished) with software

  • AC-192

    Web ethernet adjustment interface

  • AC-198

    Web ethernet adjustment interface with datalogger

  • AC-194

    USB TTL adapter for Windows Adjustment App

  • AC-510

    Synchronization Transceiver 900Mhz Kit

  • PC-300

    Bumper for antennas 300/400

  • PC-600

    Bumper for antennas 600

  • AC-350

    Protection support for EB-100

  • AC-410

    Shield AM Protection

  • AJ-00019

    Ecobox Transceiver cable

  • AJ-00006

    Phenom Box / Solo Transceiver cable

  • AJ-00032

    Auxiliary cable (for SGL or DUAL LOOP RX)

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